How to Include New Zealand Cassis into
Nutritious and Tasty Meals, Snacks and Drinks

New Zealand Cassis can be used for a wide variety of dishes such as sweet jams and desserts, sweets, salty and spicy snacks, as a sauce for meat dishes, and as a tasty beverage addition. As a super fruit from New Zealand, New Zealand Cassis not only taste great but are also very healthy because of their high levels of anthocyanin antioxidants and Vitamin C. The especially dark purple colour of New Zealand Cassis adds an exciting berry colour to any dish.

A group of culinary experts in New Zealand have described New Zealand Cassis’ flavour as follows:

“The rustic sweetness of New Zealand Cassis is not found in other fruits. The unique smell is a mixture of raspberry, gooseberry, and passion fruit with hints of rose and carnation. It is a fascinating scent. The taste has a bitter edge but tends more toward sweetness and sourness. New Zealand Cassis have an aftertaste that is light but not sweet.”

For some general ideas on how to use New Zealand Cassis, please look through the following pages.

Assorted Recipes

Making flavorsome and healthy smoothies with New Zealand Cassis

From breakfast to lunch to dinner, you can use New Zealand Cassis in any meal of the day.

Just relaxing or getting ready for a party? Try these refreshing and nutritious cocktails using New Zealand Cassis! 


New Zealand Cassis Breakfast Muffin

A tasty and nutritious muffing perfect for breakfast! Warm it up in the oven on a busy morning for a fresh-baked taste.

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