Science proves the health benefits of
New Zealand Cassis


The United States National Library of Medicine’s database of global life science and biomedical research has more articles on Cassis (blackcurrants) than any other berry including blueberry, bilberry, acai or goji.  This mountain of research has led to an explosion of interest in Cassis as a healthy fruit to consume in order to maintain an active lifestyle and support healthy ageing.

New Zealand Cassis: The #1 Fruit for anthocyanins.

The strong interest in Cassis is largely due to the fact that Cassis, and in particular New Zealand Cassis, has very high levels of anthocyanins.  Anthocyanins are the red and blue coloured compounds in fruit, for example strawberries and the red skin of apples, and the blue of bilberries and blueberries. The anthocyanin content in New Zealand Cassis is the highest amongst commonly consumed fruits and vegetables, three to four times that of strawberries, apples, blueberries and bilberries, and higher even than levels found in Cassis grown elsewhere.

New Zealand Cassis: The #1 Fruit for unique anthocyanins.

Cassis is special amongst fruit because it contains a blend of red and blue anthocyanins giving it its characteristic dark purple colour, at an intensity not seen with other commonly consumed fruit or berries. However, New Zealand Cassis is even more exceptional as not only does it contain these special anthocyanins at levels that are higher than any other fruit, but New Zealand Cassis also contains a unique combination of these anthocyanins, a combination that is not found in other fruits or berries, or in Cassis grown anywhere else in the world.

So what’s so important about the unique combination of anthocyanins in NZ Cassis?

Anthocyanins have long been considered as antioxidants that on consumption help the body protect itself against oxidative stress-dependent damage.  However, the body is well equipped with its own array of powerful antioxidants to protect itself from oxidative stress and we are now beginning to understand that it is the activation of the body’s own antioxidant and other defense and adaptive systems that is important to maintain an active and healthy body. Recent research has shown that consumption of anthocyanins, and particularly the unique combination of anthocyanins in New Zealand Cassis, is able to activate the body’s own array of antioxidant and other defense systems.  This activation adapts and improves your body so that it can handle the stresses of everyday living, periods of increased activity and aging.

New Zealand Cassis, the world’s most researched berry, delivers the power of a unique combination of anthocyanins to help your body adapt to the stresses of everyday living so you can live a more active life and age well.