New Zealand Blackcurrants:
The King of Berries

Why is New Zealand Blackcurrants called the King of Berries?

Blackcurrants was originally grown in Europe, particularly in France, where it got the Blackcurrants name and reputation as the healthiest of the berries. Thus, the term King of the Berries was established. This reputation quickly spread to other parts of the world, and New Zealand adopted this berry as its own. Soon most families in New Zealand had Blackcurrants growing in their gardens, and the health of the family was maintained by consuming the berries, particularly as a drink.  Because of the dark purple, almost black colour of the berries, Blackcurrants became known as blackcurrants outside of France, including in New Zealand.

New Zealand Blackcurrants have health-giving anthocyanins and Vitamin C at levels much greater than in other fruit and berries.

However, New Zealand Blackcurrants aren’t only packed with healthy nutrition. They are also packed with a great taste and a wonderful fragrance. The berries have a refreshing flavor that Europeans and New Zealanders have long found appealing. In New Zealand Blackcurrants is used in baking, as part of the main meal to complement meats like lamb and steak, as a dessert, as well as a juice, in jams and as a home remedy.

The best Blackcurrants in the World

Most excitingly it was discovered that because of the special growing conditions in New Zealand Blackcurrants grown in New Zealand had even more of the berry’s healthy qualities than Blackcurrants grown in France or other parts of the world. New Zealand Blackcurrants have more health-giving anthocyanins in them than Blackcurrants grown anywhere else in the world. In addition New Zealand Blackcurrants have anthocyanin levels higher than any other fruit or berry, such as bilberries and blueberries.

New Zealand Blackcurrants also contain abundant vitamin C. Among all of the commonly available fruits and vegetables on the market, it has the highest amount of vitamin C. A single serving of New Zealand Blackcurrants contains 100% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin C with just 39 calories.

New Zealand Blackcurrants Are Rich in Nutrition!

The healthy features and great taste of New Zealand Blackcurrants have led to extensive planting on family farms, and today New Zealand has over 1400 hectares of Blackcurrants growing on farms that have been owned by the same family for generations.

By incorporating New Zealand Blackcurrants into your regular diet various health benefits can be expected.  For example in clinical trials volunteers who consumed New Zealand Blackcurrants were able to keep more active for longer, were more alert, had less eye strain and had improved blood flow

New Zealand Blackcurrants truly is the most royal of all the berries – The King.