The Power of
New Zealand Cassis

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From New Zealand to you

New Zealand Cassis, The Great Tasting New Power Food

Powering you for a more active and healthier life

New Zealand Cassis captures the power of the New Zealand sun, the fertile earth and the pure air to activate a better, healthier you.

King of Berries

While originally grown in France, New Zealand is now recognised as growing some of the world’s best Cassis, or blackcurrants. The clean growing conditions, pure air and water, and high levels of sunshine in New Zealand give New Zealand Cassis the highest levels of health-giving anthocyanins of any berry grown anywhere else in the world, including Cassis grown in France!

Not only are the levels of anthocyanins the highest in the world, but New Zealand Cassis contains a unique combination of anthocyanins that isn’t found in any other fruit or berry.

Research is showing that the unique combination of anthocyanins in New Zealand Cassis activates your body’s own cellular protection and defense systems helping your body adapt to life’s stresses to help you live a more active and healthy life.

New Zealand Cassis

The New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative brings New Zealand Cassis, or blackcurrants as they are known in New Zealand, fresh from the growers in New Zealand to you. Our aim is to deliver the healthiest berry in the world to you.


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Meet our New Zealand Cassis