New Zealand Blackcurrants
Product Introduction

Nutritious and Healthy
with Diverse Uses

The New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative processes fresh New Zealand Blackcurrants immediately after harvesting and turns them into high-quality nutrient-rich products such as juice concentrate, powder, frozen fruit (IQF), and puree. These are the raw materials used and preferred by nutraceutical manufacturers, food and beverage makers, chefs, and bakers around the world who are looking to include a nutritious and healthy berry in their products. In Japan, manufacturers such as Morishita Jintan, Suntory, Kagome, Otsuka Foods, Itoen, and Meiji Seika use New Zealand Blackcurrants in their products.

The dark color, rich flavor and fragrant characteristic of New Zealand Blackcurrants can be used for various purposes either on their own, or by combining with other fruits and ingredients if required. New Zealand Blackcurrants always delivers improved nutrition to any product. New Zealand Blackcurrants is served up in health supplements, juices, jams and compotes, breakfast cereals, muffins, cakes, pies, yogurt, and ice cream as well as various candies. However, the possibilities with New Zealand Blackcurrants are unlimited.

Products using New Zealand Blackcurrants that you can purchase include:


Jaffmac Corporation, located in Tokyo, produces a variety of fermented foods and beverages using traditional fermentation technology. One of Jaffmac Corporation’s most popular products is natural  fermented blackcurrants beverage using New Zealand Blackcurrants.  Jaffmac Corporation ferments New Zealand Blackcurrants for a long period of time with natural yeast, and high-quality sugar made from Hokkaido beets. Because no preservatives, artificial colors or fragrances are used, it can be enjoyed with confidence.

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BeLEGEND Whey Protein Veryberry Flavor

beLEGEND Whey Protein Veryberry Flavor is the ideal whey protein to enhance athletic performance. Combining New Zealand Blackcurrants powder and powders from other berries, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6 with protein and amino acids, it is a delicious, high quality beverage that is an inexpensive and easy way to improve strength and performance. For four years, beLEGEND has been awarded the Monde Selection’s Gold Award, affirming its reputation for quality. It is also a certified product of the Japan Anti-Doping Agency (JADA), so athletes can drink it with confidence.  The Veryberry flavor is tangy, refreshing, and revitalizing. For more information, please visit this page.

Hirosakiya Cassis Jam

Hirosakiya Cassis Jam sources its ingredients from Aomori Prefecture in northern Japan for a unique taste of the region and combines these with New Zealand Blackcurrants and Manuka Honey, for a great taste.  The jam contains no added pectin or artificial flavorings. It is made by slow cooking Blackcurrants and Manuka Honey in small batches and is perfect on bread or mixed with yoghurt or even by itself on a spoon!

Available at the official webpage, Hirosakiya Jam can also be found at Kaldi Coffee Farm stores.

Sweet Cassis (condensed juice) / Japan Sana

Sweet Cassis from Sana Japan is a rich concentrated juice made from almost 1,000 selected New Zealand Blackcurrants berries. Blended with a mild oligosaccharide sweetener, Sweet Cassis delivers you a smooth and natural flavor.

Being so simple and fresh Sweet Cassis can be used widely, for example to make cassis soda with carbonated water, cassis orange with orange juice, cassis sour with distilled spirit, not to mention fresh cassis juice mixed with plain mineral water. Also pairs well with yogurt, ice cream, pancake, cookies and much more.

A bottle of Sweet Cassis is a handy treat for your everyday use to recharge your body with anthocyanins, vitamin, and minerals from New Zealand Blackcurrants.

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Veggie Herb – Nordic Bilberry & New Zealand Blackcurrants (condensed juice)/ Tokiwa Phytochemical

Veggie Herb is a healthy blend of bilberry and New Zealand Blackcurrants with a hint of oligosaccharide beneficial to your digestive health. A fusion of Nordic and New Zealand flavors presents a slightly sweet acidity, and a summery and elegant taste. Veggie Herb helps your creativity open the door to a wide range of use in drinks and dishes.

Mixed with drinking vinegar Veggie Herb will make a healthy treat for your body. Mixed with a salad dressing Veggie Herb will give a perfect accent to your salad dishes with its gorgeous color. Try adding it to some olive oil and wine vinegar for a topping for your salmon dish. Your regular recipes will be made extraordinary with Veggie Herb’s fruity touch!

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There are a number of other healthy and delicious New Zealand Blackcurrants products. Please look for these recommended items and try them to experience the taste and nutritional benefits of New Zealand Blackcurrants!

Junzosen Blackcurrant 150

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For more information regarding each product, please contact each manufacturer and dealer directly.

Quality and food safety are the Highest Priority
and the Commitment of the New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative

All of the farmers that supply Blackcurrants to the New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative follow the traceability guidelines established by the Co-operative. For the New Zealand Blackcurrant Co-operative, quality and peace of mind for their customers are the highest priorities. The Co-operative is fully committed to the following:

  • Using only New Zealand Blackcurrants – The King of the Berries
  • Products containing no allergens
  • Using no genetically modified substances
  • Adding no sugar or preservatives
  • Supplying the world’s best Blackcurrants powders, frozen fruit, concentrated fruit juice and puree maximizing bioactivity, quality, color and flavor as required by their customers.

Endless possibilities with
New Zealand Blackcurrants

The health benefits of New Zealand Blackcurrants in conjunction with their fresh, crisp flavour and versatility in a variety of dishes or formats makes New Zealand Blackcurrants an obvious choice for any menu or product.