A Powerful Ally
for an Active Lifestyle


New Zealand Cassis with its unique combination of anthocyanins, is perfect to consume to help your body adapt to a more active life whether that’s at the gym, a busy day at the office, just chasing after the grandchildren or running a marathon.

New Zealand Cassis: Containing a unique combination of anthocyanins to help you live an active life

Everyday living exposes the body to oxidative and other stresses that can damage the body, and increased activity increases levels of these stresses.  The body is well equipped with its own array of powerful antioxidant and other adaptive defense systems unfortunately though, these systems can be overwhelmed with the stresses associated with a busy and active lifestyle. The good news is that the body’s own defense and adaptive systems can be activated to meet this increased threat and New Zealand Cassis contains a unique combination of anthocyanins that is really good at doing this.

Research Proves the Power of 
New Zealand Cassis to support an active life

  • New Zealand Cassis is good for those wanting to live an active lifestyle. Studies have shown that people undertaking moderate physical activity who consumed New Zealand Cassis anthocyanins had lower levels of oxidative damage to their bodies and were able to be more active for longer.
  • Consumption of New Zealand Cassis leads to improved blood flow and more rapid recovery after exercise.
  • The anthocyanins in New Zealand Cassis interact with enzymes involved in brain function improving focus and attention, and switching on a feeling of wellbeing and motivation.