What is New Zealand Cassis?

What is New Zealand Cassis?

In Japan, Cassis is the French name for blackcurrants, a small dark purple, almost black berry with a sweet crisp taste and a refreshing aroma.  While originally grown in France, one of the major growing areas for Cassis, or blackcurrants, is now New Zealand.

The clean growing conditions, pure air and water, and high levels of sunshine in New Zealand give New Zealand Cassis the highest levels of health-giving anthocyanins of any berry grown anywhere else in the world, including Cassis grown in France!

High Nutritional Value and the Various Uses of New Zealand Cassis

New Zealand Cassis are harvested in midsummer, carefully sorted, and immediately frozen to preserve their flavor and nutrition. They are then processed into frozen fruit, juice concentrate, puree, or powder. New Zealand Cassis in these formats are added to a variety of items such as nutraceuticals, juice, yogurt, ice cream, and breakfast cereals. Their refreshing, sweet, and crisp flavor is very compatible with dairy products and meat as well as other fruits and berries. They are a versatile ingredient that is increasingly popular not only in France and New Zealand, but also around the world, including in Japan.

Endless possibilities with
New Zealand Cassis

The health benefits of New Zealand Cassis in conjunction with their fresh, crisp flavour and versatility in a variety of dishes or formats makes New Zealand Cassis an obvious choice for any menu or product.