Satoko Shimooka


New Zealand blackcurrant anthocyanins enhance the delivery of nutrients to, and the removal of waste products from muscles during exercise

The ability of our muscles to perform while we exercise is dependent on them receiving, via our blood circulation system, nutrients that our muscles cells need for energy.  One of the most important nutrients is oxygen which is involved in the conversion of glucose into energy by our muscles.  A clinical trial undertaken at the University of Gloucestershire in England

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New Zealand blackcurrant anthocyanins decrease the health-damaging consequences of being overweight

We all struggle with our eating habits and managing our weight, even though we know the importance of choosing the right foods and not overeating.  Changes in life’s circumstances particularly tempt us to reach for those foods that comfort us, and often these foods are unfortunately not the healthiest.   Consequences of being overweight can include elevated levels of blood

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The importance of Vitamin C in maintaining our immune defense systems

Vitamin C has been identified as an important factor in maintaining our body’s immune defense systems including preventing the entry of bacteria and viruses into our body, and ensuring the correct functioning of cells in our circulation that seek out and kill bacteria and viruses that have gained access into our body.  Vitamin C deficiency results in decreased immunity and

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New Zealand blackcurrants boost the human immune system

Our bodies are continually exposed to pathogens such as bacteria and viruses that can cause illness if they gain entry into our body.  The epithelial cells lining our nose, mouth, lungs and gut are sites where bacteria and viruses can enter the body.  Fortunately these cells secrete molecules that activate the body’s own pathogen killing mechanisms and prevent these pathogens

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New Zealand Blackcurrants reduce cardiac risk factors in metabolic syndrome patients

Daily supplementation with anthocyanins from bilberries and blackcurrants may improve cardiometabolic risk factors in people with metabolic syndrome (MetS), says a new study from Australia. HTTPS://WWW.NUTRAINGREDIENTS-USA.COM/ARTICLE/2020/03/31/ANTHOCYANIN-SUPPLEMENTS-SHOW-HEART-HEALTH-BENEFITS-FOR-PEOPLE-WITH-METS-STUDY 


Maintaining the body’s infection-fighting immune system

The body is normally well equipped to defend itself against invading bacterial and viral infections.  The first line of defense are neutrophils, cells that circulate through the blood vessels searching out pathogenic bacteria or viruses, phagocytosing (engulfing) them, then killing them with an arsenal of toxic compounds including hypochlorous acid, the antimicrobial agent commonly found in house hold bleach.  

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Blackcurrants and sports nutrition

Even with a small population of only 4.8 million New Zealand is globally renowned for its sporting achievements.  No better evidence for this comes from New Zealand’s performance at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, where New Zealand was ranked third in the world for the number of medals it won per head of population.   There

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Maintaining good blood circulation during long periods of sitting

Our blood delivers to the tissues in our body all the nutrients we need to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.  The same blood then removes from those tissues the end products of the cellular metabolism of those nutrients.  The maintenance of good blood circulation is critical to ensuring we stay healthy and active.   Circulation of the blood throughout

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Boosting your immunity this winter

The change of seasons brings with it an increased risk of suffering from the unpleasant effects of cold and flu viruses.  This probably occurs during this time of the year because we tend to spend more time indoors close to other people allowing the spread of viruses, and these viruses are more easily dispersed from one person to another in

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What we eat can change the way we feel about life

Positive feelings and a sense of wellbeing are partly a consequence of the levels of compounds in our bodies called neurotransmitters.  These are compounds that directly affect our brains, and the neurotransmitters that are responsible for activating positive feelings and a sense of wellbeing include compounds such as serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine.  We experience an enhanced feeling of wellbeing that

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